Tangda Fer noyaux de poudre T130 0 OD * ID * HT 33*20*11mm 1.9nH/N2 1uo la poussière de fer noyau de Ferrite Tore Base Revêtement brun

470 inductance, 4 uf

Puce Productions

0.472" l x 0.472" w (12.00mm x 12.00mm). 22uh 3a. 50 w épis. Zcat2436-1330. Inductor inductor. 12 * 12 * 7 68uh. Fs49.6*6.5*44*12. Cw3-20a-s. Uu9.8/uf9.8. Smd inductor |||: Output voltage: 06a 103 221. Cd104-1r5. 1w180r. 

X2 250 V

1nh 1.1nh 1.2nh 1.5nh 1.8nh 2nh 2.2nh 2.4nh 2.7nh 3.3nh 3.9nh 4.7nh. 6 coils+2 wire+ carry case. 33uh 4d28. Power inductor kit 12*12. 0805 5% 0-910r 1m-10m. 6.3v1000uf. Cd54 10uh. Core ferrite |||: Ferrite 0805 2.4uh. 26*16*10. Double fader potentiomètre. 

Wholesale Moree

Structure de la bobine: Original: 120r 0805. 33uh 47uh 56uh 68uh 100uh 100nh 220nh 330nh 470nh 560nh. 35.8*22.4*10.5mm. Power supply: Common inductor |||: Wsl36373l000fea. 6d28 inductor 6.7x6.7x3mm. Mayitr. Pont redresseur 3a. Dr core1000 watt. 36mm core ||: 

Diode 40a

Bluetooth 10 pcs. 8*10 33uh. 1000uh 1mh power inductor 10*16 plug inductance 1016 102 (10pcs). Core core |: As15-f. Cd127r 12 * 12 * 7 mm 220uh. B100k potentiomètre. Inductor: Inductor type. We fitted inductoscope 7447786006 6.8uh100khz 2.5a. 1w 0.47r. L-a0307/18uh-3000. Magnétique électromagnétique. 6*8 10uh. 0.1 uf 0402. 

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April 2nd, 2013


Treacherous: A collection of oneshots for Quinntana Week 2013. 

Day 06: Spies / Secret Agents

Character(s): Quinn F. & Santana L.
Words: 2,788
Genre(s): Romance/Friendship
Rating: T

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Title:  Coffee is for Closers
Words: 1,581

Description:  Russell Fabray might be in their custody, but someone’s still pulling the strings of his operation. Santana’s money is on his youngest daughter, Quinn. All she needs to do is prove it. The assignment is simple: follow the girl, find the evidence, close the case. At least, it should be simple. Quinn Fabray, as it turns out, has a way of making things complicated.

FF.net - AO3

“ Against All Odds
“ Summary: The graduates are back in Lima for summer break. Santana hears Quinn has been stopping by the school since McKinley still has classes, so she goes home to see her for the first time after ‘I Do’. She finds Quinn...


Against All Odds

Summary: The graduates are back in Lima for summer break. Santana hears Quinn has been stopping by the school since McKinley still has classes, so she goes home to see her for the first time after ‘I Do’. She finds Quinn alone in the auditorium. One Shot.

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Quinntana week prompt: Historical time period.
Rating: T
Words: umm like 3500 mebbe.

Santana is captured by the infamous pirate Quinn Fabray.


Quinn Fabray’s ship comes into range far quicker than anyone could have imagined.

“He’s coming up full!” The first mate shouts out in…

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Operation: Playground


Title: Operation: Playground
Author: headcannon
Pairing: Quinntana
Prompt: Spies/Secret Agents
Notes: I wanted to do something different – cute. Not sure what’s cuter than a rag-tag bunch of 8-year-olds trying to steal kisses at the playground.

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QW13 #1 Popular Girl/ Nerd

Title: Best Day of Your Life/ Worst Day of Your Life

Rating: M for smut, threesome, voyeurism… or T, if you choose not to go there ;)

Summary: The sight of her bare thighs makes your heart beat like crazy. Oh, what you would give to be able to run your hands over them. You see her walking towards her car, alone. You feel the urge to follow her. What are you going to do? (Interactive fic!)

Note: ff.net has deleted the fic. This is a re-upload on AO3. Hopefully it’s allowed to stay there. 

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Quinntana Week—Day 5: Headcanon

Title: Everything You’re Not

Rating: T

Summary: It’s simple, Brittany is everything she’s not and perhaps that’s the point Santana keeps trying to relive when she’s with her.

NOTE: I’m sorry this is late. I worked a lot, hung out with some friends all day; one of which is sick so I kind of kept her company and took care of her kind of, but yeah I’m posting both Day 5 and 6 now. Day 7 is a new story like it was last year. :)

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Title:  John Hughes is Full of Shit
Words: 5,749

Description:  Quinn might know and accept that she’s at the absolute bottom rung of McKinley High’s social ladder, but that doesn’t mean she’s gonna stop thinking about the girl at the very top.

Links: FF.net - AO3


Finally done with the art covers!! The fanmixes will be up before Quinntana Week 2013 end. I’m really sorry for the delay! I blame real life and feeling uninspired for the late submission.

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April 1st, 2013

Title: You Kept The Lens On My Camera Safe
Fandoms: Glee and Lizzie Bennet Diaries (and Pride & Prejudice, really)
Words: 4342
Rating: PG-13 for swearing

QUINN: Yes. Well. I saw that you’d made a point of saying that you wouldn’t answer questions about me.
SANTANA: That’s still very much the case, Quinn.
QUINN: My question is. I’d like to inquire why you’ve put a moratorium on discussing me. If there’s nothing between us, that is.
SANTANA: (visibly irritated) Because there is nothing between us. There’s no ‘if’ about it. And I think it’s incredibly presumptuous, which is just so typical of y ou, to think that you can call my personal cell phone and try to go around the one clear restriction that I put on this Q&A.

In which Santana Lopez hosts the popular YouTube video diary, “Straight Up Snix,” detailing the trials and tribulations of her encounters with Quinn Fabray.